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Seventh Great Grandson of Thomas Skillman

January 22, 2023 (Author's 95th B-day)


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Skillmans of America - Full - 2022 - Wm. Alfred Skillman (#1, WAS) (1928- )

Updated Jan 22, 2023. Today access is obtained by use of a new Password. This was inactive for months, you need to get the new one from me.

I have found that the above link does not work in the browser, Chrome, but does work in Edge, Opera, and Firefox, using Windows 10.

You can also download the RootsMagic Skilman file from the online home page.


The online file is now hosted by RootsMagic, with new features, such as a Pedigree for each person. The basic format is in the form of Group Sheets for all families in the Skillman file. This version lists 40,995 people of which about 16,429 are direct descendants (including  6312 Skillmans) down to the 14th generation from Thomas. No unlinked persons are included. Full information is shown for all persons. To protect the privacy of living persons a new password is required that you can get by emailing me. Try it, I think you'll like it!

Actually, it is not just the descendancy of Thomas, but my complete Skillman file with a lot of my ancestry included. To get started with Thomas, his page is  The last  numbers are the Record Number, RN  (22 for Thomas),  that is unique for all persons on the site.  So you can access a person by changing any person's last digits to the desired RN. Or, you can access by name using the search capabilities of this site. There is also a Help page to guide you in using this new site.

The home page of the online file offers the option to download a GEDCOM of the full file. This type file is used by your genealogy program to create a compatible genealogy file. For now, the GEDCOM is only created when the online file is first created. I discovered this recently after several years of frequent updating that  people I had added, such as my new wife, were not in the GEDCOM file. I alerted the maker of RootsMagic and they say they are working to update the GEDCOM whenever the main file is updated. For now, I took down the original online file and created a new one so the current GEDCOM is now up to date as of Oct. 27, 2020. If you downloaded a GEDCOM previosly, I suggest you may wish to update your copy and subsequent genealogy file.

Skillmans of America - Privatized - 2016 - Wm. Alfred Skillman 

Updated March 7, 2016.

The genealogy report (descendancy) on this site contains descendants of Thomas, their spouses and spouse's parents. This version lists 15,778 direct descendants (including  6237 Skillmans) down to the 14th generation from Thomas. No unlinked persons are included. This file is privatized so no data other than name is given for living persons.

My genealogy program, RootsMagic, created the privatized web site. It is the family tree or descendancy of our immigrant ancestor, Thomas Skillman. It consists of Group Sheets for each family with the head of the family at the top. Notable improvement over previous versions is the addition of the Record Number, RN, to the persons on the online sites. This is a unique, unchanging number for each person in my Skillman file so when you send me messages about the site I will know immediately who you are talking about if you include the person's RN. There is no genealogic significance to the RN, it is simply a bookkeeping number showing the order that persons were added to my file in RootsMagic. RNs appear after the names of the children of the head of the family but the RN of the Head is embedded in the name of the file (URL) following the "b" near the end. You can go directly to a family head's Group Sheet by copying the following link to your browser's URL box and changing the number after the "b" to the person's number.

http://SkillmansofAmerica/tomstree/b1.htm#P1  (This links to my "Full" page, requires username and password since I am still among the Living.)

Also,  links to Thomas' Privatized page.

Although the head of the family shown at the top of the page is a male or female Skillman descendant, there are a few cases where Skillman cousins have married and RootsMagic may select the head of the family to be either husband or wife since they are both Skillman descendants.

The following online site is mainly for historical purposes.

Skillmans of America and their kin (SOA)- Wm. Jones Skillman (#2867, WJS) (1835-1914)

These web pages contain a collection of articles posted by WJS in the N.Y. Genealogical & Biographical Record from 1906 to 1908. It is the family tree or descendancy of Thomas Skillman. You can read more about it on the site. WAS added three more chapters, which update a few lines. You can also download a Word version from that site. This site became too cumbersome to update manually so no further work was done on it. The web pages above extend this work to the present day.

English Skillmans: a Skillman living in England has compiled a listing of Skillmans and their relatives mostly living in England. Thomas Skillman, the immigrant ancestor of most Skillmans living in America, has not been located therefore is not included in this file. Each person has only a birth date and place, hence is not password protected.

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