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Seventh Great Grandson of Thomas Skillman

August 25, 2021


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Privatized Tom's Tree: (March 9, 2016) You can download a PDF version of Toms Tree, TomsTreePriv.pdf . No facts other than the person's name and family connection are provided.

Unprivatized (Full) Tom's Tree: (Feb. 4, 2019)- this unprivatized, providing all facts,  PDF version of the above report is available for download as TomsTreeFull.pdf. It has 16,443 direct descendants (including 6288 Skillmans) down to the 14th generation from Thomas. The file requires a username and password to access. The corresponding Full current (as of 1/14/2020) GEDCOM,  can also be downloaded from the Online Tree. It is similarly username and password protected.

To obtain the username and password to access these "Full" files, send me an email requesting them with an explanation of why you are interested in Tom Skillman's descendants.

The FACTS about FACTS:

Genealogy programs, such as my favorite, RootsMagic, save genealogical data as "Facts." Examples are Birth Place, Birth Date, etc. In the process of creating a GEDCOM file the Facts in the genealogy program are transferred to Facts in the GEDCOM file. However, the current GEDCOM standard, version 5.5, supports a limited set of defined facts. These facts have a format with the GEDCOM abbreviation of the fact on the first line, followed by lines with the actual factual information.This format enables a program reading a GEDCOM to properly assign a fact to the program's built-in facts. However, some genealogy programs allow you to create new facts. Since these are not supported by the GEDCOM standard, they are saved in a different format in a GEDCOM. The first line is EVEN, short for Event, with the fact following, then the 2nd line is TYPE followed by the name of the new fact.For example, I added e-mail to my RootsMagic fact list so the GEDCOM will show my email address as:


2 TYPE e-mail

The problem is that the program reading the GEDCOM file doesn't, in general, know what to do with this unsupported fact so probably ignores it. The exception would be another RootsMagic program that has the new fact definitions added. Since a RootsMagic GEDCOM has the definitions for all Facts at the end of a GEDCOM, then the receiving RM can treat facts just as the originating progrem did.  

All is not lost since you can open a GEDCOM file in a Word Processor and search for the new fact names, assuming you know them. Here are the ones added to my version of RootsMagic:

e-mail, Employer, Hobbies, Newspaper Article, Publications, SOA No.(Skillmans of America number from W.J Skillman's 1906-08 publication)

Not very handy, but will have to do until somebody comes up with a better idea!

The next two links are in trouble. One computer opens them with Foxit, the other doesn't open with any program. So, good luck!

The Skillmans of New York - written by Francis Skillman (#3017) of New York, published in 1892. Much of the genealogy data was used by William Jones Skillman in "Skillmans of America" available on the Online page. It contains a lot of material about New York. Click here for more information on his wife's family, the Onderdonks.

Genealogical Record of the Str˙cker Family , William Scudder Stryker (#6702), Camden, N.J., 1887. This book starts with the brothers Jan and Jacob Str˙cker, who emigrated from Holland in 1652 and 1651, respectively, to New Amsterdam. It includes eight more generations of descendants of these men. The file is 308KB and is in PDF format. 

My interest in the Str˙cker/Stryker family stems from the fact that Jan Str˙cker's 4th great granddaughter, Maria D., married my great great grandfather, Joseph A. Skillman, so that Jan is my 8th great grandfather. In addition, I am aware of at least 10 other Skillman/ Str˙cker marriages.

Special: download RootsMagic Skillman file, requires password.


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