Second Generation

3. Elsje/Elsie Skillman was born in 1672 in Newtown (Maspeth Kills), Queens, NY. She died after 1715 at the age of 43 in Somerset Co., NJ. She was baptized at Church of Belgic Confession in New York. Her SOA Number is 3. From SOA:
Elsje was sponsor at bap. of Elizabeth and Peter, twin children of her brother, Thomas2, in Brooklyn, March 4 (and Nov. 4), 1695. Family removed to Somerset Co., N.J. (Valley of the Raritan), 1710-15. Rev. Dr. Abraham Messler (Somerville) gives names of Dutch families (Hist. of Somerset Co. N.J.), who secured lands on the Raritan River, and settled there between 1681 and 1720. Among these Thomas Aeten and Jan Aeten (near New Brunswick) are noted. "In the list of Families of the First Ref. Ch. (N. Brunswick) from 1732 to 1735," says Rev. P. T. Pockman, pastor 1898, appear the names of Jan Aeten Jr., and Thomas Aeten. Jan Aeten and Thomas Aeten were members in 1717. Jan Aeten, Jr., joined on confession, May 17, 1734. Also Catalyntje, dau. of Jan Aeten, Jr., and Jannetje (his wife), was bap. Oct. 10, 1736, and Jan, son of Thomas Aeten and Elizabeth, was bap. Dec. 31, 1738. These last are evidently of a later generation.

Elsje/Elsie Skillman and Thomas Aten were married in 1694 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Thomas Aten, son of Adriaen Hendricksen Aten and Elizabeth Thomas, was born in 1670 in Flatbush, Kings, NY. He died in 1743 at the age of 73. Possibly d. 1757 (Darwina Michael)

Elsje/Elsie Skillman-67 and Thomas Aten-798 had the following children:



Adriaen Aten-799.



Thomas Aten Jr.-800.



Jan Aten-803.



Jannetie Aten-805.



Meritan Aten was born on 15 May 1715 in Newtown (Maspeth Kills), Queens, NY. He died before 1815 at the age of 100.